• Treesa McLean, LM, CPM

    Treesa McLean, LM, CPM

    My experiences have taught me to listen carefully, use simple practical techniques, to monitor appropriately, and to honor the mystery and complexity of birth.

    I think that my greatest strength is the deep connections I make with clients. I have a straightforward, direct manor.

    I am a mother of two grown children and received midwifery care with both babies. One was born in the hospital by cesarean birth. The other was born at home. Both taught me about strength and flexibility.

  • What will my prenatal care be like?

    What will my prenatal care be like?

    Friendly, warm, and accepting—your care will include the services listed under midwifery care. However, that is just the beginning of the experience with my practice. Together we will work to make your pregnancy and birth feel supported and nurtured. Each visit will last about an hour. Family members and older siblings are welcome. I work with you to design a plan for care that is individually tailored for you and your family. I see my clients in my office in either Hayward or Oakland, and in your home for the 36-week prenatal visit.

  • What will my birth be like?

    What will my birth be like?

    Powerful. Strong. Challenging. Each mother and new family has a unique birth. As a midwife, I will be there to encourage, guide and assist you.

    I work with a team of trained birth attendants. Together, we will monitor the health and welfare of you and your baby and provide quality experienced care during your birth and the hours immediately following the birth.

  • What Will My Early Parenting Be Like?

    What Will My Early Parenting Be Like?

    Rest, nurse, Rest, Rest nurse, change a diaper, nurse!!! You will receive several midwifery homevisits during the first 2 weeks, where we will assess breastfeeding, conduct well baby care, new mom care, and newborn screenings. At about 4 weeks and 6 weeks we will see you again at the office for postpartum well women visits.

  • Home Birth or Birth Center?

    Home Birth or Birth Center?

    Some women need a place to go to have their baby—a cave or separate space that is just for birthing. Others feel most comfortable in their own home. Sometimes the decision is purely practical.  For instance, you live with roommates that are uncomfortable with homebirth or you feel your space is not suitable for a homebirth.

    I offer the option of having your baby at home or at Bay Area Midwifery, a Community Wellness and Birth Center (2800 Park Blvd, Oakland Ca 94610). There is a facility fee to birth in the birth center.

  • Bay Area Midwifery

    Bay Area Midwifery

    Laura Perez,LM; Pearl Yu, LM; and Treesa McLean, LM, CPM—Bay Area Midwifery

  • Comfort and Support

    Comfort and Support

    “Because of all you taught us, the process of my labor and the decisions we were required to make were much easier for us…at every stage, your education process and healthy encouraging attitude made our tasks manageable.”

    —tired new mom

  • Isn’t that how every birth should be?

    Isn’t that how every birth should be?

    It makes you marvel at how miraculous the body and birth process is. One more good push and enter Teagan into our world. He was still attached to me , cord pulsing as I immediately grabbed him and nursed him. How amazing! The midwives gave me a minute before we delivered the placenta. Then, I was taken care of, cleaned up and put to bed with my little one with my onlooking older children close by. My husband was wonderful thru it all and the midwives and doula hugged me, congratulated me, nurtured me and stayed with me until we were good and settled into nursing and sleep. Isn’t that how every birth should be?

    — Tanya

  • Do you take insurance? What are your fees? What about the birth certificate?

    Do you take insurance? What are your fees? What about the birth certificate?

    Because I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and who have a wide variety of resources from private insurance to HMOs and Kaiser, I tailor my fees to each client. Please call to make an appointment to discuss my services and fees. I do work with a medical biller to assist you in being reimbursed for your midwifery fees. You can visit www.slb-billing.com to verify your insurance benefits. I also assist with the paperwork for the birth certificate and give you instructions for registering the birth and getting the social security card.

Welcome to Birth with Treesa

Birth is a powerful event, with each birth unfolding in its own unique way. Whether you choose to birth at home or at Bay Area Midwifery, a Community Wellness and Birth Center (2800 Park Blvd, Oakland Ca 94610) or hospital, Birth with Treesa provides support for your unique birth experience.

Birth with Treesa (BWT) provides personalized, professional prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care for pregnant women and their families. With offices in Oakland and Hayward, Birth with Treesa serves families in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo Counties.